“The Night Before” and It’s Modern Take of the Tacky Christmas Sweater

The Ugly Christmas Sweaters in The Night Before

As the holidays roll in as swiftly as Santa’s sleigh, the cold weather approaches as well, allowing our festive sweaters to finally emerge from the closets and be adorned to showcase our holiday cheer. But what is it about Christmas sweaters that people far and wide have come to love? Not only do they provide warmth during the chilly weather, they can lift anyone’s spirit with their cute and symmetrical patterns. The upcoming and widely anticipated movie for the Christmas season, “The Night Before”, reveals some of the most outlandish and creative holiday sweaters of our time. But by looking back into the depths of Christmas past, the festive sweaters we’ve grown to love haven’t always been that way.

Tacky sweaters began some time in the eighties and were recognized as a staple fashion for Bill Cosby on “The Cosby Show”. The popularity of these sweaters grew and finally hit the shelves, becoming available to the public during the cold seasons. No one knows exactly how the fad started, but people began to relate these patterned tops with Christmas time. Over the course of many more years, retailers and businesses became creative and added over the top embellishments and funny prints to the sweaters. While they began as an intricately designed top, they soon grew into an ornate and sometimes crude holiday sweater.

Sweaters in The Night Before

As seen in the pictures and trailers for “The Night Before”, the actors wear some particular sweaters that have caught everyone’s attention. One sweater has a Jewish star stitched on the front, which by no means is wrong but it is entirely unique by itself since they are generally called “Christmas” sweaters. Another actor wears a sweater with the face of an African American Santa- definitely conversation worthy and creative. Without a doubt, modern day Christmas sweaters allow everyone from different races and religions to join together and celebrate the spirit of the holidays.

They began as a tacky fad and became a tacky holiday tradition. Christmas sweaters are fun ways to display your festive personality, whether it be with a cute design or a crass print. If you need some inspiration, the upcoming movie “The Night Before” will guarantee to give you some interesting ideas to celebrate this fun tradition.


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