Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

These parties are becoming more and more popular.  They typically include a contest to see who shows up with the most over-the-top, ridiculous sweater.  There are different criteria for winning.  Sometimes it’s the tacky sweater that wins.  Other times, it’s the irreverent or naughty sweaters that takes the cake.

Party Ideas

These parties can also take on other forms including bar crawls, races, and even involve dismembering these sweaters.  The event can take place indoor or outdoors (those of us in colder areas are forced to do this indoors).


As for decorations, well that’s easy.  You can actually just use more tacky sweaters to decorate your surroundings.  Funny and embarrassing kid of family photos are always popular.  Whatever you do, try and keep a vintage feel to it.  You might even want to create a Bill Cosby or Chevy Chase shrine (ok, that’s just me).


Like any other invitation, only tackier.  Make sure the design on these invites matches the tackiness theme!  Don’t be caught using generic design for such a niche event!  Include anything else you think is important (date, time, RSVP requests, contact information , etc).  Be VERY specific as to the rules of the party.  Expect this to be the first time many of these people will attend such an event, so be explicit but also don’t bury them in details!

Drinks and Drinks (I mean food and drinks!)

Ok here is where it gets fun.  The typical Christmas finger foods generally apply here.  So think cookies, deli, cheeses, oh, and lots of eggnog.  But try and steer towards bright colors.  Bright greens and reds are a favorite.


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